About our Theme

About our Theme

Our interdisciplinary team of researchers are dedicated to undertaking high quality and meaningful research that supports and improves health and equity across the lifespan.

Our research focuses on public health promotion and primary health care including management of non-communicable diseases. We have an explicit focus on equity, Te Tiriti and addressing the wider systemic issues associated with wellbeing. We undertake interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research using qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods to understand how to support people to live healthy lives, and to understand the systems and ecological factors that can impact health behaviours and outcomes.

About our Name

We were gifted the name “Kia Mau Te Ora” by our Poutaki Māori, Whaea Erana Poulson, in consultation with Matua Pita Pou. In its simplicity, Kia Mau Te Ora describes how we might address the challenges and barriers faced when addressing wellbeing, with key strands of knowledge to influence change across the various sectors. This name also talks about embracing rangahau (research) in its entirety to improve oranga (health and wellbeing). We have utilised Te Pae Mahutonga model by Mason Durie to highlight various themes that are woven throughout this theme (noting these themes may overlap) as below.


Toiora: Healthy Lives

  • Child, youth and whānau wellbeing
  • Living with long term conditions and non-communicable diseases
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Living with mental distress and/or addiction

Waiora: Healthy Environments

  • Geographies of health
  • Healthy workplace environments

Mauriora: Cultural Identity

  • Matauranga Māori and wellbeing
  • Cultural safety
  • Identity and connectedness

Te Oranga: Participation in Society

  • Social determinants of wellbeing
  • Te Tiriti and equity

Ngā Manukura: Community Leadership

  • Workforce development
  • Community and nursing leadership
  • Teaching, learning and innovation

Mana Whakahaere: Autonomy

  • Community and public health
  • Hapu, Iwi, hapori wellbeing and self-determination

Our research groups in this theme are:

  • Child, youth and whānau wellbeing
  • Geographies of health
  • Living with long term conditions and non-communicable diseases
  • Mental wellbeing, Living with mental distress and/or addiction
  • Teaching, learning and innovation
  • Workplace health and wellbeing